5 Things you must know before your first chemo

It is normal to have a lot of questions when you’re going ahead with Chemotherapy. There are major changes you encounter in your life while undergoing Chemo.

We very well know that Cancer is a malignant disease that eats up all the cells inside c the body.

So, when a disease like Cancer is that fatal to the body, it’s pretty obvious that the treatment process is going to be a rigorous one.

You will have a better understanding of Chemotherapy after reading this blog. If you know someone who is getting their Chemo done for the first time, be sure to share it with them.

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Chemotherapy is a very well-known treatment for people battling cancer.

In this treatment, the patient is put on medication- on drugs that are meant to kill the cancer cells and stop them from growing and spreading to other parts of the body.

Apart from treating Cancer, Chemo is used for those suffering from Bone Marrow Disorders and Immune System Disorders.

What You Should Know Before Starting Your Chemo – 5 THINGS TO NOTE

1. Know your medications well

There are several different types of drugs that are infused.

Get your head clear about all the drugs- what are the drugs used, how to cope with it, how you will feel after the drug infusion, and what precautions to be taken, among others.

It is very important to do some basic homework about any medical treatment or surgery you will be going through, not just Cancer treatment

2. Dietary Information – Food Intake

You should be very careful with your food intake when you’re diagnosed with Cancer.

Your Oncologist will brief you up on what should be eaten and what should not be eaten, or you will be referred to a Nutritionist who will lay out a diet plan for you.

Chemo drugs are said to slow down the digestion process. Hence, you should stick to foods that are high in fibre- like lentils and whole grains.

Here is a blog by NDTV about High-Fibre Foods

5 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOUR FIRST CHEMO- Lahari&chanakya-blogbanner (1)

3. Hydration is important

The drugs you will be infused with will go to every corner and every cell of your body. This will drain out or in other words- dry out your body very drastically.

Have lots of water after every Chemo session you will be having.

Another important thing to note here is to keep yourself away from caffeine. Although caffeine is a beverage, it causes the body to urinate more.

4. Get your Pre-chemo Blood Tests Done

Before every Chemo session, blood tests are done to check the blood count- CBC (Complete Blood Count) that gives us details about blood cells that have a chance of being affected by Chemotherapy.

If your RBC’s and Hemoglobin are low- you are at risk of having Anemia. This will cause a lot of fatigue and tiredness after Chemo.

A low WBC count says the Neutrophils in your body are less. That saying, you have a chance of catching an infection.

Based on the Blood Tests, your treatment might either be postponed or another treatment course will be done to maintain your RBC, WBC and Hemoglobin count.

5. Be Prepared for the side effects

It’s a known fact that there are a lot of side effects the patient has to encounter during Chemotherapy.

It’s temporary, but the intensity of the side effects is very high.

A few of the side-effects are Fatigue, Nausea, Hair Loss, Loss of Appetite, and Weakened Immune System among others.

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We hope that this blog gave you all the necessary information you were looking for.

Our main purpose at Mission Cancer Care is to bust myths about Cancer and provide you with the right details and precautionary measures.

Go ahead and contact us if you have any Cancer-related queries

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