7 Ways to Minimize Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

The first thing that comes to mind while thinking about Chemotherapy is Hair Fall or Hair Loss (also known as Alopecia). Getting diagnosed with Cancer is already a life-altering episode of one’s life.


Having a bald scalp is probably the last thing one has to face, not just for those battling Cancer.

Although this Hair Loss is not permanent, it can severely affect those suffering from Cancer mentally and emotionally as well.

While Hair Loss due to Chemotherapy is inevitable, there are certain techniques and tips to keep in mind while tending to your hair during Chemotherapy. Let’s see what those are.

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Try Using Milder Hair Products

Be very careful of all the hair products you use. Switch to shampoos and conditioners containing lesser chemicals. Look out for shampoos advisable for Cancer patients.

Stay away from Perms and Hair-Styling products. It’s best if you don’t get your hair coloured during this time. Be sure to use hair brushes with soft bristles.

Go For A Shorter Hairstyle

When you are well aware of the fact that you will lose hair during Chemotherapy, be prepared to chop off your locks.

You can shave off your head too if you want. Just don’t use a plastic razor by doing so. It can make cuts on your scalp.

Scalp Hypothermia

Also called Scalp Cooling Caps, this option is given for those undergoing Chemotherapy wherein a close-fitting cap is placed on the patient’s head.

But what does this cap do?

The cap contains a chilled liquid. This is meant for reducing the speed of the blood flow to the head to minimize Hair Fall.

Find out about Scalp Hypothermia

Minoxidil- For Hair Loss

Minoxidil is a well-known drug to counter Hair Fall. Whilst there is no proof that it reduces Hair Fall, it can be used to speed up Hair Growth.

It cannot be used before and during Chemo but has to be used after Chemo because this drug is for Hair Growth and not the prevention of Hair Fall.

Check with your radiation oncologist before purchasing Minoxidil.

Click here for more information about Minoxidil

Always Cover Your Head

Don’t leave your hair open during your Chemo sessions. Make sure to always keep your head covered. Use soft caps, scarves, and hats.

Also, it’s better if you don’t braid your hair and stick to simple hairdos. Invest in silk pillowcases as they help reduce friction while you’re asleep.

Wigs As An Alternate Option

Not all might be inclined to try out wigs. But our advice is to try it out. Your doctor will give a prescription for something called a Hair Prosthesis.

You should go to a Wig Specialist at the start of your Chemo, as it is easier for them to understand your hair better than to go when all of your hair is gone.

Be Patient – Your Hair Will Eventually Grow Back

There is no prescribed time in which this hair lost during Chemotherapy can grow back. It is different for different people.

It can take around a few weeks to months for the hair to grow back, sometimes even faster.

It is absolutely okay to feel anxious during this time. And you don’t have to worry because it will grow back, sooner or later.

You can get enrolled in Cancer Support Groups if these negative emotions are eating you up on the inside and talk with other survivors and patients as well.

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