Types Of Cancer Rehabilitation In India

You must be wondering what exactly is Cancer Rehabilitation! Many of us know about it but there are some people who are still not very clear about it.

Being an Oncologist, let us talk about it and gain some information about Cancer Rehabilitation in India.


When a person suffers from cancer and undergoes its treatment, he is likely to face physical, cognitive and psychological problems.

These problems interfere in the day-to-day work of the person. In order to help them in overcoming this problem, Cancer Rehabilitation is given which takes place either during or after the treatment of cancer.

  • To improve the quality of life.
  • To reduce the side effects as well as the symptoms of cancer and its treatment.
  • To help in actively participating in work, family and other roles.
  • To help in keeping independent.

Types Of Cancer Rehabilitation in India:

We have looked at the basic details of cancer rehabilitation; now let us look at some of its types:

●      Physical Rehabilitation:

The survivors of cancer generally experience major changes with respect to the functions of their body. In order to help them in getting back to the normal functioning of their body, a team including physical therapist, physiatrist, lymphedema therapist and occupational therapist helps them. This type of rehabilitation will help the cancer survivor in recovering by doing appropriate physical exercises.

These physical exercises will help them in gaining confidence as well as strength. Thus, physical rehabilitation helps cancer survivors in reducing their anxiety, depression, boosts confidence and improves strength.

●      Emotional Rehabilitation:

A cancer patient as well as the family of the patient experiences numerous emotions during cancer. Even after the patient’s survival, the emotions still persist. The emotions that they may experience can be negative as well as positive.

These emotions vary from person to person but they can be dealt with. For some people, dealing with these emotions becomes successful from time-to-time but some may not be able to overcome them. These people may require some external help from professionals. These professionals help them in providing a therapy through which they get emotional support. This is what emotional rehabilitation is all about.

●      Cognitive Rehabilitation:

Once a cancer patient recovers, it may become very difficult for him to get back to normal, independent work life. Cancer can harm the thinking, memory and focus level of a person. With the help of cognitive rehabilitation therapy, cancer patients can improve and restore their focus level and thinking abilities.

These rehabilitation therapies have proved to be quite helpful to the cancer patients as well the cancer survivors. Do you need more information about cancer and its treatments then take professional advice. Check our Instagram, we are quite active there… Stay safe.

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