What Is The Slowest Growing Cancer in Human Body?

It is pretty much evident that Cancer is a disease that starts at one organ and then slowly spreads to other parts of the body.

We also know that sometimes, Cancer can become metastatic- that can spread very rapidly in a short period.

We have spoken a lot about Cancer so far starting from its treatment to prevention and a lot more.

Did you know that some types of Cancers progress not at the expected speed? We are here with another blog to discuss it.

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How Does Cancer Spread in Human Body?

Cancer Cells have the ability to travel throughout the body, thereby affecting the other body parts that haven’t been affected by the Cancer yet.

Metastasis is very common terminology used when you’re reading more about Cancer. When you are diagnosed with Cancer, it will probably exist in one part only, but that depends.

But due to its complex DNA, mutations are bound to happen. Hence these cells slowly start attacking the adjacent cells and tissues that haven’t been affected by the Cancer.

This is why detecting Cancer at the earliest stages is very important to stop the Cancer from spreading further by surgically removing that small part of the Cancer.

What Is The Slowest Growing Cancer in Human Body?

Carcinoid Tumors – The Slowest Growing Cancer

Let us go a little deep into this particular Cancer that is considered to be the slowest growing Cancer to date.

Carcinoid Tumors are rare, slow-growing Cancers that occur in the organs of the digestive tract like- the stomach, pancreas, intestines, colon, liver, rectum and sometimes lungs too.

Here’s some technical knowledge that may help you out.

Carcinoid Tumors belong to a subset of another set of Cancers called Neuroendocrine Cancers. These Cancers occur in organs like the small intestine, pancreas and lung bronchioles- which are said to have characteristics similar to the nervous system.

Carcinoid Tumor – Symptoms

Symptoms of carcinoid tumors are termed Carcinoid Syndrome. Since it is a slow-growing Cancer, it is hard to detect them in the initial phases, but there are a few symptoms you can look out for.

Heart palpitations:

Most of the time caused by stress and anxiety the sign of heart palpitations increases heartbeat, health imbalance, it also includes fatigue and shortness of breathing.

Chest pain:

Carcinoid The symptom of chest pain you can’t identify where the pain exactly starts it can be the sign of a more serious heart problem the better way to consult a doctor in advanced.

Change in bowel habits:

Carcinoid patients should augment protein in their diets and avoid tyramine foods, fatty meats, palm oil, and undigested foods. Health-conscious food helps them to lead a better life.


The symptom of diarrhea caused by an infection in the intestine mostly the symptoms are vomiting, bloating, fever, it’s due to food habits that cause, to avoid drink plenty of water, and follow your regular healthy diet.

Note – This is just a general description of what the symptoms may be based on our research. We advise you to consult a doctor and take further action.

Carcinoid Tumor – Diagnosis in Human Body

Carcinoid Tumor is a rare Cancer that makes it all the more difficult process to diagnose.

It is usually detected while looking out for something else medically or during another surgical procedure when an unexpected complication arises.

There is no need to worry as there are certain procedures that can be used to detect Carcinoid Tumors.

The usual ones are X-rays, biopsies, and Urine and Blood Tests.

There is also a different type of scan referred to as OctreoScan that involves injecting the patient with a radioactive substance that is picked up by the Carcinoid Tumor cells.

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Treatment Options for Carcinoid Tumor

Like any Cancer, detecting it at its earliest ensures a better chance at survival. The same goes for this too.

But since we have mentioned that it is not easy to detect this Cancer, we would also like to show you the treatment options you can go for.

Partial Surgery can be done if the tumor is too big wherein a part of the tumor is removed and another course of treatment can be followed after that.

Chemotherapy is among the most widely known Cancer treatments, but there are also a lot of side effects for which you should be mentally prepared.

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Other treatment options include Octreotide and Liver Treatment.

To Sum Up

So, this was all you need to know about this very rare Cancer which occurs in only 10% of people as the stats say.

We at Mission Cancer Care have made it our mission to reach out to the needy- by providing them access to everything Cancer related- from awareness to prevention and treatment.

We strive to reach a point where one day, Cancer becomes not a death sentence but a disease with a viable cure.

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